The Montessori Method Develops The Whole Child

Dr. Maria Montessori’s world-renowned educational philosophy came from her observations that children are naturally eager to learn and will persist in investigation when given opportunities to explore. She believed the purpose of education should not be to fill the child with facts, but to cultivate their natural desire to learn. The Montessori Method values the human spirit and develops the whole child.

Inspired & Engaged With The 5 Keys Areas Of Learning

Your child explores the world and encounters new ideas as they immerse themselves in activities across the Montessori Method’s 5 areas of learning for a comprehensive and applicable understanding of how things work.

Skills include: 

  • Care of self (food preparation, dressing, washing)
  • Care of the environment (cleaning, gardening, care of pets)
  • Grace & Courtesy (greetings, manners, social interactions)
  • Control of movement (refining movements, walking on the line, moving quietly)

Your child manipulates materials that appeal to each sense to refine their fine motor skills, visual, and auditory senses. They develop coordination and the ability to order and classify.

Your child gets hands-on with tactile language materials such as sandpaper letters and the moveable alphabet. Language runs through the curriculum, starting with speaking as the foundation for writing and reading.

Your child uses number rods, sandpaper numbers, number tiles, beads, and games to understand place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.

Areas of learning include:

  • Geography (continents, landforms, earth layers, solar system)
  • Zoology (classification, physiology of animals)
  • Botany  (ecology, classification, physiology of plants)
  • History (timelines, using a calendar)
  • Science


Through studying the history of the universe, your child discovers that mathematics, language, geography, music, and art all developed from basic human needs. This knowledge fosters respect and understanding for others.

STEM Activities & Projects For Problem Solving & Teamwork

Your child engages in activties that combine STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to build critical-thinking skills. They work with their peers on group projects to improve their decision-making and deadline-management skills.

Freedom Within Limits In The Prepared Environment

Often called the Third Teacher, the Montessori classroom is carefully designed and organized to encourage your child’s natural curiosity. They have freedom to choose activities that interest them and take ownership of their learning.

3-Hour Work Cycles Immerse Your Child

Your child enjoys timeblocks of up to 3 hours to explore an activity. This allows them time to experiment, attempt, hypothesize, and master the skill at hand. With time to focus, your child builds concentration and enjoys the satisfaction of completing a task.

Montessori Materials Guide Progressive Works

Designed to be self-correcting, special Montessori materials like the bead cabinet engage your child in the task of mastery. Without interruption from their teacher, your child masters the basics and progresses, moving from concrete to abstract concepts.

The Kindness Curriculum Supports Social-Emotional Development

The Montessori Method emphasizes respect and your child learns Grace & Courtesy to navigate the world with empathy. The Peace Corner is a space for conflict resolution and mindfulness activities help with self-regulation, giving your child the social-emotional skills they need for life.

Enrichments Broaden Learning For A Well-Rounded Experience

Your child enjoys Spanish lessons, which enhance their communication skills and cultural awareness. Yoga strengthens their minds and bodies, and music classes—including violin with a professional symphony musician—refine their rhythm and creativity.

How Old Is Your Child?


3-6 years

Lower Elementary

1st-3rd grades (6-9 years)

Upper Elementary

4th-6th grades (9-12 years)

Summer Camp

3-12 years

Montessori Ignites

A Lifelong Passion For Learning!