Health & Safety

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Jackson, MS

Sanitization & Air Purification To Keep Spaces Sparkling

Your child’s teachers sanitize their learning spaces every day, and a weekly deep-clean by professionals ensures every surface is spotless. Air purifiers help reduce the airborne concentration of viruses to minimize transmission.

Regular Handwashing Ensures Good Hygiene

Teachers and staff model and guide your child through frequent and thorough handwashing routines throughout the day and especially during transitions. Children use soap and warm water to ensure any potential viruses get washed away.

Temperature Checks Keep The Community Safe

Children and staff members undergo temperature checks every day upon arrival. Anyone showing signs of illness stays home so we can protect all our families and keep each other safe.

Socially Distanced Drop-Offs For Your Peace Of Mind

We thank all our parents for keeping a safe distance during drop-off and pick-up so that everyone feels safe and comfortable, and we continue to minimize mixing and the risk of transmission among families.

Smaller Class Sizes Reduce Transmission

Our small-by-design approach adds another layer of protection. Your child plays, learns, and grows in a consistently small group, so you know they’re mixing with the same people every day, minimizing the possibility of passing on germs.

How Old Is Your Child?


3-6 years

Lower Elementary

1st-3rd grades (6-9 years)

Upper Elementary

4th-6th grades (9-12 years)

Summer Camp

3-12 years