Why Choose Us

Authentic Montessori Classrooms Foster A Love Of Learning For Life

Qualified Montessori Teachers Get The Best From Your Child

Your Child Gets The Attention They Need In Small Classes

Mixed-Age Classrooms Boost Leadership Skills

Child-Led, Immersive Learning Leads To Independence

Unique Montessori Materials Support Problem-Solving Skills

Social-Emotional Learning Prepares Them For Life

Yoga, Music, & Spanish All Included In Your Tuition

Extra Time For Outdoor Play Builds Friendships & Motor Skills

Healthy Lunch & Snacks Every Day At No Extra Cost

Air Purifiers & Professional Cleaners Protect Their Health

A Handy Parent App Keeps You Up To Date

How Old Is Your Child?


3-6 years

Lower Elementary

1st-3rd grades (6-9 years)

Upper Elementary

4th-6th grades (9-12 years)

Summer Camp

3-12 years